[About Kitakyusyu International Music Festival]

Kitakyusyu International Music Festival, featuring classical music, has originally staged as part of Kitakyusyu-city 25th anniversary celebrations in 1988. From first to 10th festival had organized as companion piece of Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival of Finland with musical director. Since 11th festival, Kitakyusyu International Music Festival Executive Committee has been projecting and executing the festival with public opinions.

The program is not only "classical" chamber music, but also, various arranged classical music like jazzy version and audience-friendliness program.


Saturday, October 13 to Friday, November 23, 2018
(41 days)

[Number of Programs]

Charged concert: 8
Education concert: 6
Special program: 10
Citizens' planning project: 4
Total: 28

[Main Sites]

Hibiki Hall
Harmoie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Hall
Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
The Industrial Club of West Japan   etc.